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Prospectors and Metal Detector Enthusiast Unite

Some time in 2006 a small group of coin hunters, prospectors and treasure hunters met to form a club. We met for a few months in the public library, watched treasure/prospecting videos and talked of a more organized, let’s do something fun, group of adventurers. Now we have it! After our humble beginnings in the library, we were able to find a more permanent home at 2200 W 7th St. in Amarillo, Texas. Our club now has a name: Amarillo Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Association, or AP&THA. We are moving forward at a very nice pace, with elected officers, a board of directors, by laws and a budget. Our membership has grown to over a hundred members, we are having monthly live programs, club coin hunting activities and group prospecting trips. During our first year of real organization, member Ed Pine helped us put a BBS or forum on the internet, for members to visit and share experiences. The concept was a good one and worked pretty well for a while. The problem was that only a small group of people would actually post. In our on going effort to grow and progress, the board of directors decided to create a full blown web presence. It is our goal to increase local interest in our activities and to attract new members and guests from across the nation.


It is our intention to market AP&THA via the internet. We are able to accept membership dues via PayPal, as well as sell other goods and services with the touch of your mouse. We encourage all members to look around, post on our new forums and let us know what you think and want to see. If you haven’ signed up, it’ really easy, just fill out the registration form in full and you’re in. We are extremely proud of this website and our club! Please help us spread the word. Tell all your friends, bring a guest to the meetings. We promise a good cup of coffee and a good time. Let’ grow AP&THA together!

Amarillo Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Association is an association of persons interested in recovering relics, coins, and other interesting or valuable items from the past and preserving history. Roughly half of the members are involved in the pursuit of all things to do with prospecting as well as treasure hunting. Our club also provides recreational activity and companionship for our members. In addition, we frequently provide a service to the community in finding lost items of value and importance.

At each meeting members may bring their finds from the previous month for "Show and Tell" and enter their special find for "Find of the Month" honors. We have "Find of the Month" for Treasure Hunters and Prospecting. The winners of the Find of the month win 10 $1 Presidential Coins and are entered into the "Find of the Year" in both categories and those winners can win a prize valued at $50.00 determined by a vote at our Annual Christmas/Meeting.

Amarillo Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Association strives to improve the public image of detectorist, other amateur historical/collectors and prospectors. We therefore abide by the Treasurer Hunter's Code Of Ethics. In support of these goals our club has negotiated with The City of Amarillo and have entered into a one year Adopt A Park.  It was a first for the City of Amarillo which our club is glad to lead by example. Our club can help preserve the appearance and maybe pay back a small bit of the hard work our Amarillo Parks and Recreation Department provide for us the Treasure Hunters.

We have many club oriented hunts or events during the year that allow our members to share in some fun and hopefully a good find or two. From hunting historical sites, prospecting in the mountains of Colorado or group building club dry-washers from club purchased plans, our club tries to involve everyone. All the club hunts are for Members only so if you want to enjoy some fun outings join today.

The Officers consist of the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The term of office for officers is two years. The Executive Board consists of the elected officers and an Executive Committee of three elected members. Officers and board members are elected at the November meeting.

Board meetings are open to all club members who are welcome to become involved. Board meetings are held in a variety of locations as selected by the board. But mostly at Gander Mountain's Meeting room.

The treasurer has membership application and Liability waiver forms available. Annual club dues are $20.00 for individual memberships, $25.00 for family memberships, and $6.00 for Youth membership, payable to the treasurer. A monthly newsletter is sent to all members by e-mail, or members may download it off our website, pay $1.50 per issue to have it mailed or $1.00 per issue to have it delivered to the next meeting.

To contact us, please send e-mail to:

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