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Letter of Appreciation From Parks & Recreation

Letter from City about Austin Park Cleaning

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Adopt A Park

When Our club was looking for a Civic program to take on, the Adopt A Park was recommended to the Board and it whole heartedly endorsed the idea. Two of our Board members, Mark Davey and Jim Nichols, took the idea to the City Parks & Recreation Department and it was met with enthusiastic interest and was soon approved and an offer of a park to adopt was made. We are proud to announce the City of Amarillo and Golden Spread Gem, Mineral & Treasure Society have entered into a one year agreement to adopt Stephen F. Austin Park!

Golden Spread Gem, Mineral & Treasure Society: Stephen F. Austin Adopt-a-Park Guidelines


1. To conduct park maintenance and cleanup activities in a safe manner. Safety of the participants is the number one priority of the program. Pesticide and chemical applications will only be performed by full time Parks Division employees.


2. Jim Nichols and Mark Davey will be the contact persons for the City. The contact person/s shall keep a copy of this agreement.


3. Unsupervised participants shall be (18) years of age or older. We shall furnish supervision by one or more adults for every (8) minors.


4. To pick up litter no less than 12 times per year. Additional clean ups should be done as necessary to maintain a neat appearance. Recommended interval for clean up is two weeks. A spring clean up day will be scheduled.


5. Clean ups should include litter collection, raking, cleaning planter areas, sweeping pathways, subsurface trash removal with particular attention to playground areas and other designated tasks as agreed upon between both parties.


6. Participants may obtain supplies and materials from the Parks Maintenance Division during normal working hours, generally 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM by contacting Clint Stoddard, Park Superintendent, at 806-378-6822.


7. Participants shall not pick up syringes, hypodermic needles, or exceptionally large, heavy items. These items should be reported to the Division as soon as possible for proper disposal.


8. The crew leader or contact person will supply the Parks Division with a roster of participants so the City may recognize their efforts. We will also log our hours worked.


9. We will make an effort to recycle all recyclable materials


10. Do not dig targets with shovels. Use probes and popping technique as chief approach to remove targets. It is highly recommended we don’t dig plugs or holes. Please use diggers with the utmost consideration for the grass. Please refer to our Code of Ethics and follow it to the letter in OUR Adopted Park.


11. Document total items removed; number of bags of garbage; subsurface items removed by volume or approximate weight.. After you document the information forward it to Jim or Mark.


12. Scheduled clean ups will be sent to all volunteers; please RSVP if you intend to participate.

The City of Amarillo does hereby agree:


1. Furnish and install an Adopt-A-Park sign (18" x 24") with the Grantee's name and logo displayed on the sign.


2. Furnish the Grantee trash bags or trashcans, and other hand tools as needed.


The Division will also furnish small dumpsters upon request.


3. The Parks Division will notify the Grantee as to where they can dispose of litter and yard debris.


4. It is recommended that the Grantee have a first aid kit available at the park site when the work party is present.


5. The terms of this agreement shall commence on the date of execution indicated below and will extend for a one (1) year period.


6. Upon termination of this agreement, the Adopt-A-Park sign will be removed and remain the property of the Parks Division.

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