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Metal Detecting is an excellent hobby and pastime for the whole family. . If it is coin shooting the local parks, relic hunting some of Texas’ famous historical forts and locations or as part of your prospecting routine; the joy of Metal detecting finds at Amarillo Air Basemetal detecting comes from the “hunt”. Like fishing; what is on the other side of that beep can be a treasure or trash but the pursuit of the target is the fun.

The modern history of metal detecting started rather badly. Alexander Graham Bell used an experimental model in 1881 in order to locate the assassin's bullet lodged in President James Garfield. Unfortunately, no one remembered that Garfield was lying on a mattress with metal coils, causing the machine to emit a continuous whine, resulting in failure to accurately locate the bullet. Garfield's heart gave out when doctors cut into him. (Read more about that here.)


Metal detecting can give you hours of good exercise, camaraderie and one month metal detecting findsadventure. It doesn’t take an arsenal of equipment to purvey your sport. A detector, a probe, a digger and a place to search is all one needs to enjoy this pastime. If you need some help deciding on a detector come to one of our meetings and someone will be glad to discuss your needs and invite to try it for yourself.  Metal detecting is a sport for all ages. And it is one of the few hobbies that pays for the equipment used. 


The collection and display of your finds can add hours of additional enjoyment and fulfillment from this multifaceted hobby. Researching your hunt locations provides hours 3 yrs of clad findsof education and anticipation of the "finds". The Internet is a great tool for researching that forgotten corner in your favorite city.  Places like Google Maps© offer instant access to many of the areas you might want to check out. Your County's Tax and Appraisal website can give you the name of the owner of the property you identified as a potential treasure trove. With the help of a search engine endless pages of support and information regarding our great hobby of Metal Detecting you can be found. Your city's library and librarians are great research assets as well.

If you would like more information on “lawn fishing” please consider coming to one ofMetal Detecting for Gold Amarillo Prospectors & Treasure Hunters Association monthly meetings and see for yourself what a hoot it can be. If you’re a long time “detectorist” please consider our club as a place to share your knowledge and participate in our group hunts to exciting locations across the Texas Panhandle. Join the AP&THA Forums to get additional contacts and information on what our members are doing. Don't forget to follow our Code of Ethics in your treasure hunting adventures.

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